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Personal Accident

Personal Accident

 What does Personal Accident cover me for?

Personal Accident insurance covers you if you sustain a bodily injury through riding, handling, mounting or dismounting the insured horse. Most insurance companies offer two different levels of cover, a lower and higher level.

 Who will be covered under the Personal Accident cover?

Cover varies from policy to policy but under a typical KBIS horse insurance policy it would cover the policyholder and any person to whom the policyholder has given permission to ride or handle the horse. Cover would be in accordance to the schedule of benefits as in your policy terms and conditions.

If the horse is being used in a business environment i.e. in a riding school lesson you will not usually be covered; the riding school should have their own Personal Accident cover in place.

 Is Personal Accident cover expensive?

When added onto a horse policy Personal Accident cover is not an expensive addition. There would be an increase in premium of around £15 - £30 depending on the level of cover you take out. Personal Accident cover under a horse policy is designed as 'catastrophe' cover and is more limited than a specific Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

If the cover available is not adequate for your needs then you should consider taking out a stand alone Personal Accident policy. Additional benefits will include Temporary Total Disability which will pay the policyholder a weekly amount in accordance to the benefit scale if they are temporarily unable to carry out their normal business or occupation. Unlike when added on to a horse policy, when cover is limited to riding or handling the insured horse only, a stand alone personal accident policy will cover you whilst riding any horse and can also include other activiities as well.

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