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There are over 340,000 horse-owning households and over 870,000 individual horses in the UK (Source: BETA) which is why KBIS Horse Insurance policies offer a wide range of cover options from cheap policies, with more limited cover, to comprehensive horse insurance.

We’re able to insure horses from 24 hours old up to 30 years of age and consequently, we have specific products for Foal Insurance and Veteran Horse Insurance.

As a result, there are certain limitations to cover which depend on the value and age of your horse, as well as the activities they are used for, however our helpful team will be happy to explain all of the options avaliable to you and your horse. For horse’s valued under £20,000 our fully automated horse insurance quote system will show you which cover is available depending on the information you enter.

Whether your horse is retired or competing regularly, used for hacking or pony club, KBIS have a policy to suit your budget and your horse’s needs.

Horse Insurance FAQs:

Can I include Vet Fee Cover on my horse insurance policy?

There is a range of different vet fee cover options for you to choose from, depending on your horses age, value and the activities you are participating in.

Vet fee cover provides the insured horse with cover for non routine veterinary procedures. As a result, vet fee cover can be extremely beneficial and will help you to make sure your horse receives the veterinary attention required after an injury without you, the horse owner, having to worry about the cost.

Can I get cover for my saddlery and tack?

Yes, in order to protect your equipment, our horse insurance policies can provide cover for the physical loss or damage and theft of your tack in respect of the actual value at the time of loss but not exceeding the sum insured. Cover can be included for sums insured up to and including £10,000, with the excess £100 for each and every loss.

Am I able to get cover for my loan horse?

Yes, KBIS are able to provide cover for horses that are on loan. If you are insuring a loan horse you will need to provide our horse insurance team with a copy of the loan agreement. This means that KBIS can direct any claim settlements to the right party (veterinary fee claims are usually settled to the loanee whilst mortality and loss of use claims payments are settled to the owner).

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