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KBIS work in conjunction with the British Grooms Association (BGA) to provide their members with the opportunity to take out Personal Accident Cover and Public Liability Insurance at preferential rates. 

Providing the protection you need in your day to day work, there is a range of three Personal Accident cover options available to BGA members which can include Temporary Total Disablement, a hospital benefit and dental expenses. You can also choose to include personal uses to give you peace of mind that when you are handling or riding horses for personal recreational use you are covered too.

The Public Liability insurance available through your BGA membership includes exercising and riding horses as well as all grooming activities such as clipping. You can even include teaching insurance for a small additional premium.

You can find out more information about the options available and take out cover via the British Grooms Association website.

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British Grooms Association

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Have you considered becoming a member of the British Grooms Association?

KBIS are proud to work with the BGA and provide bespoke grooms Personal Accident Cover and Freelance Groom Public Liability Insurance for its members, find out more at

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What is the cost?

To discover the cost and join to get your insurance cover go to the BGA website

Grooms Insurance – Cover Available

There are two different policies available, click on the links below to find out more.

Personal Accident Insurance

Freelance Groom Public Liability Insurance

Insurance designed for grooms and trusted by grooms.

Grooms Insurance – Claim Forms

General Liability Claim Form

Should you need to make a claim on your policy it is important that you notify KBIS as soon as possible.

The following guide will help to ensure that you have complied with the terms of your policy with regards to claims notification. It is important to adhere to these conditions as failure to do so may prejudice your position with underwriters.

1) Initial notification

Contact KBIS as soon as possible. You can contact KBIS by:


UK Telephone No: 0345 345 2323
Outside UK: +44 (0) 1635 247474

View our office opening times.


2) Obtain a Claim form

You can download a General Liability Claim Form above.

If you have contacted our offices we can arrange for a form to be sent by post, including a free post envelope for the return of your form and documentation

3) Collate all necessary information

In order for us to process your claim in the most efficient manner it is important that we have all of the relevant documentation, as requested, to enable us and the underwriters to consider the claim in its entirety.

4) Send the completed form and documentation to KBIS

Please note that we are unable to give any indication whether a claim is likely to be paid without the completed claim form and invoices.