Trailer Breakdown insurance

KBIS Trailer Breakdown insurance provides a quick and efficient service whether it is a simple puncture or a major breakdown. We will ensure that it is dealt with promptly reducing the stress of the incident to both you and your horse(s).

The cover includes the following:

  • Home Start
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Roadside Recovery for you, your horse(s) and your vehicle
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Key Cover
  • Misfuelling
  • Replacement Driver

Trailer Breakdown policies are just £132.08 for the year and includes breakdown cover for your car even when you are not towing. Cover is restricted to England, Scotland and Wales. Normal underwriting criteria, terms & conditions apply.

We are also able to provide separate Trailer insurance policies for accidental damage, fire and theft.

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Breakdown Insurance – Eligibility

The policy covers breakdowns in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and the Scottish Isles.

Cover is for vehicles used for social, domestic and pleasure use only.

All horses (and owners!) must be domiciled in the United Kingdom.

Breakdown Insurance – Cover Available

The benefits included under a horsebox breakdown policy or a trailer breakdown policy are outlined below. When taking out a trailer breakdown policy cover is included for the towing vehicle.

Please note, when taking out cover for the first time, there is a 24 hour period before full cover will be in place. For example, if you would like cover to commence from midday on Saturday, cover must have been taken out by midday on the preceding Friday.

Roadside Service

The insurer will arrange help at the scene of the breakdown and will arrange and pay call-out fees and labour charges (up to 1 hour) needed to start the vehicle.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown, the insurer will arrange and pay the reasonable cost of taking the vehicle, horse(s), you and up to 5 passengers from the place where the vehicle has broken down to the nearest available garage.

Recovery Service

If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown or at a nearby garage, we will arrange and pay the reasonable cost of taking the vehicle, horse(s), you and up to 5 passengers from the place where the vehicle has broken down to any one place you choose.

Home Service

If your vehicle breaks down at home or within one mile of your home we will arrange help to start the vehicle (up to 1 hours labour) If it cannot be started it will be recovered to the nearest available repairer. Home is the place your vehicle is normally kept.

Emergency Travel or Accommodation

If a vehicle breaks down when it is more than 50 miles from your home, and cannot be repaired at the roadside or at a garage during the same day and is not recovered to your home or destination, we will refund the cost of onward travel arrangements or necessary emergency overnight accommodation, for your horse(s), you and up to 5 passengers.

The most we will pay will be £250 for:

  • alternative road, rail or horse trailer hire to allow you and your party to reach your destination and return: or
  • one nights hotel accommodation for you and up to 5 passengers including stabling costs for the horse(s). (The amount we will refund will only be for the rooms. We will not pay any amount for meals or drinks.)

Before you arrange emergency travel or hotel accommodation, you must call the rescue control centre for their agreement. We will only refund amounts covered by this insurance if we receive valid invoices and receipts.

Message Service

If your vehicle breaks down and help is arranged by the Rescue Control Centre, they can contact your family or colleagues to let them know about the situation.

Key Cover

If you lock your keys within the vehicle or lose them then the policy will cover taking you, your vehicle and your horse(s) to your spare keys or a local repairer, whichever is closest.


If you fill your tank with the wrong fuel the policy will cover the draining and flushing of the fuel tank at the roadside, taking you to the nearest repairer if it’s not fixable and even topping up your tank with 10 litres of the correct fuel to get you on your way again.

Replacement Driver

It’s not a situation we like to think of ourselves in but having a fall or accident whether at a competition, on a fun ride or out schooling, could leave you unable to drive you and your horse home again. If, as the only driver of the vehicle, you have been certified as medically unfit to continue a journey or drive home then a replacement driver will be arranged and the cost for the service covered.

Breakdown Insurance – You’ve Broken Down!

In the event of a breakdown you need to call the 24-hour rescue control center on either of the two numbers below:

0800 389 6354 (Free Phone)
01277 235702 

You will need to provide staff with the following information when possible:

  • Your name
  • Your home postcode
  • The phone number you are calling from
  • The location of the broken-down vehicle, including road names or numbers and landmarks
  • The registration number, make and model of the vehicle

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired and require assistance please text your full name and registration number to +44 (0)7537 404890.

Trailer Breakdown FAQ's

Our trailer breakdown insurance is a set price at £132.08 including Insurance Premium Tax, per year. We also offer horsebox breakdown cover.

The policy does not have an excess.

The policy does not cover the cost of any parts or components required to repair the vehicle.

The policy can be cancelled at any time. If you cancel within 14 days of the beginning of your policy you will receive a return of the premium paid to KBIS, less £15 + Insurance Premium Tax, unless you have made a claim. If you choose to cancel after 14 days no return premium shall be paid. However, in the event you have sold your vehicle and replaced it with another KBIS can transfer the cover from the old vehicle to the new one.

There is a dedicated 24-hour rescue control centre that you will need to phone and provide some basic information, such as your name and vehicle registration. You will also need to provide the operator with your location, ideally a road name. Using the latest mapping technology they will be able to locate you and the nearest available garage will be sent to assist you.

Yes, but you must be carrying a roadworthy and accessible spare wheel which must be fitted with a roadworthy tyre. If locking wheel nuts are fitted you must also carry the key/tool to remove them.

Yes if the vehicle cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown or at a nearby garage then the policy will cover the costs of transporting your horse(s), yourself and up to 5 passengers to any one destination of your choice. Therefore if you are on your way to a show or training then it will cover getting you there but will not include your journey home again, as this would be two separate destinations.

The insurer will always try to provide a comparable means of transport to that which you are using, so on a horsebox policy, we will always try to supply a similar size horsebox. In extremely busy times it may not be possible to provide a horsebox straight away, so in order to prevent you from too long a wait time a trailer might be offered instead.

The operator should ask you how you would like your horse to be transported, but it is always worth clarifying when you phone what vehicle will be sent. This is especially important if you know your horse won’t load into a trailer or vice versa. The insurer will not tow the vehicle or load it on to a low loader with horses on board.


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