Farrier and Blacksmith Insurance

KBIS Farriers insurance policy offers a flexible, bespoke insurance policy which allows farriers to choose which aspects of the available cover they want to include within their policy.

“Flexible cover options for your property, your liability, your business and your vehicle.”

Cover is available for:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Injury to Horses (Care, Custody or Control)
  • Business Interuption
  • Farrier’s Van/Vehicle

With over 20 years of experience and competitive premiums, including the option to pay monthly, our farriers insurance policy offers comprehensive cover at affordable prices.

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Features & Documents

Farrier Insurance – Request a Quote

To obtain a quote you can either send in a completed proposal form or contact us by phone.

Complete a Proposal Form

You can download the Farrier Proposal Form (above) and either post or email the completed form back to us. Once in receipt of your form we will respond to your request on as soon as possible.

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Call us on 0345 230 23 23 and select option 4.

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Farrier Insurance – Cover Available

Cover is available for all registered farriers and blacksmiths for the following:




Yellow non-ferrous metals

Office Equipment

Portable Telephones

Van Contents, including tools

Employers Liability

Public Liability

Products Liability

Injury to a horse being worked on

Business Interruption

Business Money

Vehicle Insurance

Farrier Insurance – Policy Documents

Proposal Forms

The Farriers Proposal Form should be downloaded and completed in full should you wish to take out cover.

Terms and Conditions – Farriers Liability Insurance

The terms and conditions and wordings outline the full details of cover available under a KBIS Farriers Liability Insurance policy and a KBIS Farriers Property Insurance policy.

Policies taken out on or after 01/02/2022

Policies taken out between 01/01/2021 and 31/01/2022

    Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) 

    The IPID or Key Facts outline the significant features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the KBIS Farriers Liability Insurance Policy. They do not contain the full Terms and Conditions.

    Policies taken out on or after 01/02/2022

    Policies taken out between 01/01/2021 and 31/01/2022

      Terms and Conditions – Farriers Property Insurance

      The terms and conditions and wordings outline the full details of cover available under a KBIS Farriers Property Insurance policy. 

      Policies taken out on or after 01/03/2022

      Policies taken out between 01/02/2021 and 28/02/2022


        If your policy started before the dates listed above then please visit our archive page to view the relevant Key Facts, IPID and Terms and Conditions.

          Farrier Insurance – Claim Forms

          Should you need to make a claim on your policy it is important that you notify KBIS as soon as possible.

          The following guide will help to ensure that you have complied with the terms of your policy with regards to claims notification. It is important to adhere to these conditions as failure to do so may prejudice your position with underwriters.

          Initial notification

          If the claim is in relation to a commercial combined insurance policy then you should contact KBIS.

          If the claim is in relation to your vehicle insurance then you need to contact the underwriters, ERS, via their claims helpline.


          UK Telephone No: 0345 345 2323
          Outside UK: +44 (0) 1635 247474

          View our office opening times.



          0330 1235991

          Obtain a Claim Form

          You can download both a Farriers Liability Claim Form and a Farriers Property Claim form above

          If you have contacted our offices we can arrange for a form to be sent by post, including a free post envelope for the return of your form and documentation

          Collate all necessary information

          In order for us to process your claim in the most efficient manner it is important that we have all of the relevant documentation, as requested, to enable us and the underwriters to consider the claim in its entirety.

          Send the completed claim for and documentation to KBIS

          Please note that we are unable to give any indication whether a claim is likely to be paid without the completed claim form and invoices.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Can you provide insurance for my vehicle as well?

          Yes we can provide insurance for your vehicle. Our van insurance is underwritten by one of the leading motor insurers, ERS, who have more than 60 years experience in the industry.

          How can I keep my premium down?

          KBIS allow you to choose which cover you want to include within your policy. This means the cost of your insurance is directly proportionate to the insurance cover you want.

          However, if you would like to reduce your premium you could always consider reducing the limit of indemnity under certain sections (Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Care, Custody or Control cover) or exclude certain types of cover.

          Alternatively, you can pay for your policy by monthly instalment, which allows you to spread the cost of your policy over 12 months.

          Will I have to pay an excess if I claim?

          It will depend on what aspect of your cover you are claiming against. Some sections of cover, such as goods in transit and loss or damage to property, carry an excess while other sections of cover, such as employers liability do not carry an excess. Any excess applicable to the cover will be stated in your policy terms and conditions, but the most you will have to pay under a policy with KBIS would be the first £500 of each and every claim.

          I have some insurance in place with another company but they don’t offer all of the cover I need. Can you provide a policy that just covers the area I am looking for?

          Our farrier’s policy is designed, where possible, to be flexible, enabling you to select the specific areas of cover you wish to take out. For example, if you have your stock and vehicle covered but need public liability insurance then we can provide you with a policy to cover this and nothing else.

          You may find however that we can offer more competitive cover to that which you currently have in place, so it is always worth discussing your insurance requirements with us to see if we can provide a more cost effective solution.

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