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Atypical myopathy (also known as sycamore poisoning) is a severe and potentially fatal muscle disorder [...]

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Mud fever is a persistant problem for many horse owners. Although typically associated with wet [...]

Preventative healthcare

Preventative healthcare has a host of benefits for you and your horse. As well as [...]

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The importance of a good cool down and how to do it

Cooling down is vital after exercising to keep your horse sound and healthy. Skipping this [...]

Keep your wheels turning – Horsebox & Trailer tips

There is nothing quite like that feeling of getting out and about with your horse. [...]

How to body score your horse

Body scoring your horse is a great way to assess their weight objectively. It involves [...]

Lawrence’s Cotswold Cup Championships round up

Daphne and I had a great weekend at The Cotswold Cup Championship, we didn’t quite [...]

Prepping for the Cotswold Cup Championship with KBIS Executive Director Lawrence Gill

This season, I decided to step up to 100 out eventing with Daphne. We had [...]

Specialist Spotlight – Harriet Walker: Operational Manager

We are proud that KBIS is run by home-grown talent. Meet Harriet Walker our Operational [...]