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How to Stop a Horse Napping

As the warmer months roll around, many of us like to add more regular hacking to our riding routines. Variety is key. To us, there’s simply nothing better than cantering over open fields or taking a stroll around the countryside in the summer, but sometimes, our horses don’t feel the same way which means they […]

Train, Compete, Recover with Saracen Horse Feeds

The nutritional requirements for individual horses will vary according to many factors such as body weight, condition score, discipline, environmental factors, and workload. When thinking of your horse’s diet, in particular when increasing workload to intensify fitness, think of what is required to train effectively, compete successfully, and recover efficiently. Train Effectively Some horses start […]

How To Bring Your Horse Back In To Work: Advice From Racehorse Trainer Harry Whittington

Fitness is a key factor for successfully managing your horse or pony. Making sure their fitness levels match the activities you have in mind for them not only contributes to their performance but also reduces the likelihood of them suffering an injury too. We wanted to bring you some help on this topic – who […]