Get to know Will & Olli Fletcher!

FEI European Championship 2017

Ahead of Olympia and Christmas we caught up with new KBIS sponsored riders Will and Olli Fletcher!


Q. Hi Will, you left school in the summer to focus on your riding career, how have your first 6 months as a full time showjumper been?

Will: It’s been brilliant, a real challenge but I’ve loved every minute of it.


Q. What has been the highlight for you in the last 6 months?

Will: I’ve had a brilliant 6 months but it has to be the National Championships where I won both the Under 18 and under 21’s National Championships!


Q. Olli, you are obviously still at school, how do you fit your riding around your school work?

Olli: I ride before or after school and in the summer it’s all good but in the winter in the freezing cold and dark evenings it’s not so much fun.


Q. You recently received the Showjumping Award at the Animal Health Trust, what was that like?

Olli: It was an incredible experience and a massive honor. I would love to think that one day I would be half as good as the two previous winners, Scott Brash and Nick Skelton.


Q. Do things start to quieten down for you over Christmas?

Will: No, we have a really exciting schedule ahead as have Olympia and Liverpool.

Olli: Not this year! I’m lucky enough to be competing at Olympia and Liverpool.


Q. What is your routine on Christmas day?

Will: Mucking out and tucking in!

Olli: We all muck out (except Dad!) and finish the horses before turkey and presents. I love it!


Q. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Will: Christmas dinner by far! It’s the best dinner of the year and there are turkey sandwiches for the next few days!

Olli: All of it! Presents, food – what’s not to like!


Q. Are there any presents you are hoping to receive?

Will: A double clear at Olympia would do me.

Olli: An invitation from Nina Barbour to jump at Bolesworth would be nice.


Q. Will KBIS Caicos, Evert and Bruce Almighty be getting any presents or special treatment over Christmas?

Will: Most definitely, they deserve it.

Olli: Think they might be nicking the reindeers carrots!


Q. Do you have any plans for New Year’s Eve?

Will: All being well I’ll have a good night with my girlfriend Poppy and a few friends.

Olli: Yea, I’m going to a party with my friends and having the day off horses.


Q. What is your main aim for 2018?

Will: My main aim for 2018 is to develop my horses and to get on the Young Riders teams.

Olli: It would be lovely to have as good a year as this one but I will be trying to make it even better. 


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