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Can Some Accidents Be Avoided?

At KBIS, we hear of some nasty accidents that happen around horses and one particular situation has cropped up recently on a few Personal Accident claim forms. This is being injured while leading horses in from the field and specifically being injured because you are leading more than one horse at the same time. We […]

KBIS Announce Charity Of The Year

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance announces this week that it has named SPANA as its Charity of the Year. KBIS British Equestrian Insurance have long been one of the UK’s leading independent horse insurance specialists. The family-run business offers insurance at every level of equestrianism and has always shown support for equestrian related charities. Founded in […]

Press Release: KBIS Announce Sale to Specialist Risk Group

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance announce this week that the company has been sold to Specialist Risk Group, whose portfolio includes Lloyd’s broker Miles Smith and The Underwriting Exchange (TUE). KBIS British Equestrian Insurance have long been one of the UK’s leading independent horse insurance specialists having been purchased by Guy and Liz Prest in 1991. […]

2020 Rider Round Up

2020 Rider Round Up We all know 2020 has been a particularly different year. It was great to catch up with our riders to find out what positives they’ve taken from this year, what they’re most looking forward to in 2021and which of their horses we should look out for in the new year… What […]

Jenna’s First Blog!

KBIS NSEA Bursary winner Jenna

The beginning of May kicked off with the start of my weekly side saddle lessons with Amelia Bevan. We are working hard as I’m entering the Side Saddle Nationals in August where I’ll be competing for Junior Rider of the Year 2019 on my new pony Stitch. Things have been going really well with Stitch […]

Florence the Foal

Florence and mouse

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my very first blog – I cannot wait to get started on sharing my foal life adventures with you all. So, a bit about me. I came into the world, actually almost spot on a month ago today. I am a bay filly out of KBIS Starlet by Cevin Z and […]

Pippa’s Last Blog

Pippa and Phyllis going XC

Hello everyone! This month has been the last one of my KBIS bursary and it has been a fantastic experience. I highly recommend anyone who fits one of the age categories to enter the competition.  This month, we have been out and about and even stayed overnight in our new lorry! Very exciting! At the […]

Alexia’s Final Blog

Alexia and her Pony Club Team

Well, very sadly this is my final blog for KBIS. The past year has been so amazing for me with the support of KBIS and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunities they have given me. Firstly, April was a fantastic month! We started off at the Pony Club Winter Championships doing the Quiz […]