Whether the owner or loanee, at KBIS we make sure that insuring a loaned horse is as simple as possible. Our policies can be customised to suit your requirements allowing you to tailor your horse insurance quotes. Depending on your horse’s age and class of use you have the choice of up to ten different types of veterinary fee cover, which vary in excess and incident limits. 

The vital part of insuring a loan horse is that both the owner and the loanee are jointly shown as interested parties on the policy documentation. We would normally suggest that the policyholder is the owner and the loanee’s interest is also noted, this helps if the loanee returns the horse as it allows the policy to continue to the benefit of the owner without any shortfall in cover.  If you are insuring a loan horse you will need to provide KBIS with a copy of the loan agreement, this means that KBIS can direct any claim settlements to the right party (veterinary fee claims are usually settled to the loanee whilst mortality and loss of use claims payments are settled to the owner). The BHS website offers useful advice on loaning a horse, including a loan agreement template. 

If the market value of the horse exceeds £3,000 KBIS require the owner to complete a declaration of health and provide a copy of the horse’s medical history.