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Legal Liability

Legal Liability

 What is Legal Liability cover?

Legal Liability is one of the most important areas to consider taking out cover. It provides the policy owner with cover against their liability to a third party or damage to third party property, for example if your horse broke free when tied up in your yard and then proceeded to cause an accident on the road. 

Insurance companies may also refer to this cover as Public Liability or Third Party Liability.

 Should I have Legal Liability cover?

Although not law it is one area of cover that should not be overlooked. Legal Liability cover is generally not very expensive to add on to a horse policy and will increase your premium by around £15 but could save you thousands in the event of a claim.

 Will I have Legal Liability cover with membership to an affiliated body or club?

Membership with affiliated bodies will sometimes include Legal Liability cover. It is important to check exactly when, where and what it covers you for as it may only provide you with cover when you are riding or competing at one of their events or clinics.

 What should I do in the event of an incident?

You should never admit to any responsibility or negotiate any kind of settlement. Liability claims can be very complex and your insurance will only be valid if you were legally responsible for the horse at the time of the incident and the incident was a direct result of your negligence.

It is important to notify your insurance company straight away and forward any documentation straight to them without replying. Your insurance company will then deal with any claims against you on your behalf.

Even if your liability to the third party is under dispute the underwriters may decide to settle on economic grounds, this is due to the fees that would be incurred should the incident go to court.