Pippa’s Christmas Catch Up


December has been a merry month, encountering our first wins and a great Christmas!

At the very start of the month, we put our Bursary to good use and had training with my favourite instructor in which we worked on straight lines and maintaining control between fences. At the end of the lesson, Phyllis was going beautifully and jumping fences with air to spare!

A week later was a thrill for all of us! Phyllis and I were in a team of four, all from school, for a qualifier to compete at Royal Windsor Horse Show. The fences were at 90cm and there was a timed section. Unfortunately, I had the last fence down but the rest of the team went clear. This was a really exciting as it meant we had a good chance of qualifying. When the results were called out, we were announced as 2nd meaning we all qualified and are going to Royal Windsor Horse Show in May 2019! Although, Phyllis and I didn’t go clear we are working on our showjumping for the rest of the winter months.




On the 23rd of December, we competed at Keysoe in the 95cm Eventer Trial Arena Eventing. I think it mostly adults competing on huge horses! In the showjumping it wasn’t timed meaning I could easily gain control between fences by slowing down. I did a fantastic clear round which I was over the moon with as it was our first at 95cm. Looking at the photos later, she definitely doubled the height of the jumps when going over them! In the cross country she absolutely zoomed round, soaring all of the jumps. I’m pretty sure I was just hanging on for my life and pointing her at the fences and desperately hoping she got over them! I was pretty confident that after the double clear I put in plus an extra speedy I would be in with a chance of a rosette. In fact, when we looked at the scores, I came first and was six seconds faster than anyone else on the cross country! I was thrilled with my score as it was my first double clear – and I won!


On Boxing Day, we went to the Hunt Meet in Stilton. Although neither me or my sister were riding, we always attend as many of our friends go on foot. There were many riding and watching them trot down the road, they looked like an army as 50 horses were there.

Over New Year, we went skiing with friends from our Pony Club which was brilliant fun and Phyllis and my sister’s horse were stabled at a livery yard and receiving large amounts of hay – Phyllis is now I’m sure as fat as a house! This month we have not done many events but I’m really pleased with our progress as we have reached the 2 month mark with Phyllis. I hope everybody had a fun and fabulous Christmas and a very New Year to you all!

 Pippa x

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