Life in an Equine Hospital – Part Four

Lucy Fletcher KBIS BGA Blogger

I love the build up to Christmas so the Christmas songs are on the go nice and early at work!! I always hope there are no dramas with beloved equines over this festive period as it is even harder for owners to be able to digest problems with their horses and ponies when everyone is feeling joyful about Christmas.

This month I was lucky enough to be promoted to head nurse at Peasebrook! So happy about this as I can truly take control of the yard and show my full commitment to the job.

We had a colic in last week that was borderline surgical. I do love intensive nursing so Thursday night was taken up with hourly checks of heart, respiratory rate, gut sounds, temperature, membrane, behaviour along with administering constant fluids and 15 minutes of lunging after each observation. My adrenalin always carries me through the night along with plenty of chocolate and coffee! Thankfully the colic opened its bowels during the early hours and has made a good recovery.

There was an interesting surgery last week where a cob was brought in for castration. Sadly, it looked as if somebody unqualified had previously attempted to castrate the horse themselves. Luckily there were no bad repercussions but this could have been a life-threatening mistake, why anyone would attempt this kind of surgery without knowledge is beyond disgraceful.

We sadly say goodbye to one of our part time nurses next week so we are looking for somebody to fill part time hours Thursdays & Fridays, two nights a week evening checks and on call and one weekend in three. Do call me if you might be interested in this exciting position 07540 854 649.

Over the Christmas break, we share the rota to make it fair that we all get to spent time with our families and that it doesn’t all fall on one or two people. We have a horse in to use the cold spa at the moment so work carries on in the clinic regardless of the time of year but Tim and his wife Claire are always there to help out with morning stables.

We had a fabulous staff Christmas party earlier this week which was nice to relax with colleagues out of work time.

This month is just flying by and I still have presents to buy, cards to write etc. I have to say the one thing I love about this time of year is in the cold, winter evenings seeing the horses and ponies all safe and warm in their cosy beds munching away. However, I cannot stress enough the risks involved with leading and riding in ice and snow, please think twice before risking yours and your horse’s lives. We had three broken legs to deal with last year just from horses playing out in the snow, cute as they look it’s extremely dangerous.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

May your stocking be filled with many horsey gifts!

Lucy x

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