Florence the Foal

Florence and mouse

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my very first blog – I cannot wait to get started on sharing my foal life adventures with you all.

So, a bit about me. I came into the world, actually almost spot on a month ago today. I am a bay filly out of KBIS Starlet by Cevin Z and I am pleased to report that I carry the Starlet white face snip, synonymous with all her foals so far! I am told my mother’s other son Basil (by Primitive Proposal) has identical white facial features – but apparently is going through a teenage phase so isn’t as cute as me.

So yes, I am four weeks into foal life and have totally got to grips with galloping, bucking, leaping in the air, whinnying and feeding.

Having said that, getting milk from Mum is fine, but grazing, that is a whole different story. I am still having to work quite hard to perfect the giraffe eating position – who knew reaching the ground to eat grass could be quite so tricky – I am getting better every day though, much to my mother’s relief!

I am also super happy, to have a pal that we are sharing the maternity wing with. He is a bit of a little squit compared to me, but all the humans coo over him, as apparently he is quite ‘cute’…..His name is Mouse and he is by a 12.2hh Welsh pony stallion, but his mother Susie is more horse size – so I think he is aiming to grow to 14.2hh. We watched his older relation doing something called schooling the other day in a big sand pit and we both decided that it looked like something that could be a lot of fun when we grow up!

Mouse and I are loving all this sunny May weather and spend a lot of time snoozing flat out next to each, being a growing foal is so tiring! We come inside at night to the barn, which also provides great sleeping materials with lovely straw cushions.

So, all in all, my first foal month has been pretty peachy. Everyone reports that even from day to day I am growing and changing, so I have been asked if I will pose for regular photos so you can see my growth progress weekly!

I will also be keeping you up to date with all my tales on a monthly blog basis – I quiz Mum all the time about her past horsey life, so I am already storing up background snippets to share with you all next time. Until then, I shall get back to my growing, snoozing and giraffe grazing.

F xx


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