Can Some Accidents Be Avoided?

At KBIS, we hear of some nasty accidents that happen around horses and one particular situation has cropped up recently on a few Personal Accident claim forms. This is being injured while leading horses in from the field and specifically being injured because you are leading more than one horse at the same time.

We have all done it before, you’re in a hurry, the light is going and the horses are getting impatient waiting to come in for their dinner. Most of the time we get away with it, the horses behave themselves and come in sensibly from the field, but occasionally they mess around and have a go at the other horse and you get stuck in the middle of almost two tons of horse and eight hooves.

We have seen some horrific accidents which have had lifelong effects. We are not here telling you this is something you cannot do, we just wanted to raise awareness of the dangers that can be avoided. What are your thoughts on leading more than one horse at a time?