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Georgie's Hacking Tips

Georgie ready for a hack
Georgie checking her hacking route

International Eventer Georgie Strang lets us in on her top 5 tips to hacking out safely and with confidence, check them out!


1. Always wear High Vis. It is vital that you and your horse or pony can be seen by road users. 


2. If you haven’t done a lot of hacking before, do not over face yourself and go out for too long. Plan your route and take into account scenarios like rubbish collection, harvest machinery and cycle races so you are prepared. If possible don’t turn back on yourself on the way home as this can encourage some horses to rush as they know their way back.


3. Make sure you have established a partnership with your horse in a safe environment (say in an arena) before you go out hacking. You must be confident that you can control your horse and stay relaxed in open spaces.

You can practice transitions and changing direction as you can see Cameron and Cassie doing until you feel happy and comfortable that you can transfer this to an open space.

4. For a young, spooky or nappy horse, hack with an older and sensible mate to give confidence to you and your horse.


5. Always be courteous to drivers. If you need them to slow down further or stop for any reason, clearly signal this to them, and then make sure you smile and thank them afterwards. They will then be more likely to slow down and be respectful next time. 

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