Insuring your Trailer


We can provide cover for many types of trailers, including horse trailers, flatbed trailers, garden trailers, and box trailers.

Trailer Insurance provides cover for accidental damage, fire, and theft. This means that any damage to the trailer caused by an accident, not fair wear and tear, would be covered by the policy, as well as damage caused by fire or if the trailer is stolen.

It is important to check that the insurance on the towing vehicle allows you to tow a trailer, as third party damage would not be covered by the trailer policy so Public Liability cover would need to be included on the towing vehicle’s policy.

The excess is £100 per incident and the trailer must be secured with either a hitchlock or a wheel clamp when not in use to meet Underwriter’s terms.

Are you wondering how much this will cost? At KBIS the premium depends on the sum the trailer is insured for. For example, providing your trailer is used for Social Domestic and Pleasure use only (no business use), the annual premium for a trailer worth £2000 would be £89.60, £3000 would be £134.40, and £4000 would be £179.20*.

Trailer policies can be quoted and purchased online here.

While underinsuring the trailer would bring the premium down, it does mean that the maximum you would receive back would be the sum the trailer is insured for, as Underwriters will pay out the current market value up to the Sum Insured in the event of a total loss.  It is important to review the trailer’s value regularly, particularly at renewal each year, to ensure the premium charged reflects the trailer’s current market value.

The policy will cover you to tow the trailer anywhere in the UK, Chanel Islands, Isle of Man and while temporarily elsewhere in the world for up to 60 days in total during the period of insurance.

We are also able to cover business use, to obtain a quote you can call the office on 0345 230 2323 and select option 1 to speak to a member of our team.

As a separate policy, we can also offer Trailer Breakdown Insurance for £132.08 to reduce the stress of an incident for both you and your horse(s), whether it’s a simple puncture or a major incident.

To find out more about our Trailer Insurance and other products available, please click here. Alternatively, you can call the office on 0345 230 2323 to speak to a member of our team.

*premiums quoted valid as of 03/07/2019