Why travel without it?

Whether you travel your horse on a regular basis for competing and training or just on the odd occasion to access better hacking or enjoy a fun ride, safety is paramount.

When we travel our horses we ensure we do so safely; to help minimise any risk of injury or stress. In fact, there is often an extensive list of travel essentials including hay, water, tack, grooming kit, rugs, spare tack, and more rugs… But is making sure you have adequate breakdown cover on your list of essentials before hitting the road?

With so many considerations often the vehicle itself can get overlooked; we’re just grateful the horse has loaded and we have remembered to bring everything! Yet the vehicle is vital in ensuring the safe travel of your horse and whether you borrow a trailer from a friend or own your own horsebox, ensuring you have appropriate cover in place whilst you are on the road should be top of your ‘travel list.’

So what cover should you have aside from the legal requirement to ensure the vehicle is properly insured and taxed? It’s one that can often get forgotten, that is until you find yourself on the side of the road with no way to get your vehicle or horse home – appropriate breakdown cover.

It is easy to say that it will never happen but what happens when it does? Not only do you have a vehicle to recover but also horses to safely transport.

You may be thinking you already have breakdown cover in place. Maybe you have taken out breakdown cover for your car or it may be included as an added benefit to, for instance, your current account with your bank. Typically these policies will not include recovery of your horses if they happen to be on board. So, whilst they should provide adequate cover if your vehicle breaks down, if you happen to be towing a trailer at the time or are in your lorry with horses on board there will be no cover for the onward travel of your horse. This means you could be left trying to source an alternative vehicle yourself to get your horse home, whilst you and your horses are stood at the side of the road. So not only is it important to consider having a breakdown policy but it needs to be a specialist one that is going to cover the horses as well. With a comprehensive equine breakdown policy, not only can you rest assured that the repair or recovery of your vehicle will be included, but also that your horses will be safely transported, alleviating all of the worries about a potentially stressful situation, especially if travelling alone.

Both our trailer and horsebox breakdown policies provide nine essential cover benefits and when taking out a trailer policy it includes the vehicle even when you’re not towing so there is no need for any additional cover.

  1. Assistance at the roadside
  2. Recovery to the nearest repairer
  3. Recovery to any UK location
  4. Home Start
  5. Vehicle Hire/public transport/overnight accommodation
  6. Misfuelling
  7. Lost Keys
  8. Replacement Driver
  9. Phoning someone to let them know you’re ok

Our trailer breakdown policy costs just £132.08 for the year whilst our horsebox breakdown policies start from £156.53 and are rated according to the gross vehicle weight and age of the vehicle.

KBIS Breakdown Policies are provided through ERS, the UK’S largest specialist motor insurer. For further details and for the full terms and conditions of cover read about our breakdown insurance.

Get a breakdown insurance quote or take out cover online. Alternatively, call us on 0345 230 2323 to speak to a helpful member of our team.