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Breakdown Insurance

There is never a convenient time or place to breakdown, especially with horses on board, but ensuring you have an adequate backup plan can help to lessen what can otherwise be a stressful situation.

Did you know?

Our trailer breakdown policy will cover the towing vehicle even when you’re not towing, saving you needing to have multiple policies.


A roadworthy and accessible spare wheel should be carried at all times unless one is not fitted as standard manufacturer’s equipment. Failure to do so will not only result in a significantly longer recovery time but you may also incur additional charges.

Be Prepared!

It will take 24 hours from requesting and purchasing cover for a breakdown policy to come in to effect so make sure you plan ahead!

Lessening the Worry

Understanding that horses aren’t always good travellers our breakdown service will always try to provide a similar type of vehicle via our UK wide network of approved specialists.

Whether you have a trailer or a horsebox, purchasing suitable breakdown cover should be a top priority before taking to the road. The policy ensures that wherever you are, an experienced team will be on hand to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

At KBIS we offer a comprehensive breakdown policy which includes all of the below benefits as standard:

Home Start

This is designed to assist you should you be unable to start the vehicle at home, providing up to an hours labour from a mechanic or recovery to the nearest available repairer.

Roadside Assistance

If you breakdown on the road anywhere within the UK then you will be assisted at the scene of the breakdown to try and get you back you on the road as quickly as possible. If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside then the vehicle will be taken to the nearest available repairer.

Recovery Service

In the unfortunate circumstance that the vehicle cannot be repaired quickly at either the scene of the breakdown or at a garage, a suitable recovery vehicle will be provided to transport you, your horse(s) and passengers to a destination of your choice.

Alternative Travel or Accommodation

When the vehicle is unable to be repaired the same day or recovered to your destination and you are more than 50 miles from home, you can receive up to £250 for emergency travel or overnight accommodation for you and your horse(s).

Key Cover 

If you lock your keys within the vehicle or lose them then the policy will cover taking you, your vehicle and your horse(s) to your spare keys or a local repairer, whichever is closest.


It can be a simple mistake but leave you unable to continue on your journey. The policy will cover the draining and flushing of the fuel tank at the roadside, taking you to the nearest repairer if it’s not fixable and even topping up your tank with 10 liters of the correct fuel to get you on your way again.

Replacement Driver 

It’s not a situation we like to think of ourselves in but having a fall or accident whether at a competition, on a fun ride or out schooling, could leave you unable to drive you and your horse home again. If, as the only driver of the vehicle, you have been certified as medically unfit to continue a journey or drive home then a replacement driver will be arranged and the cost for the service covered.

KBIS Breakdown Policies are provided through ERS, the UK’S largest specialist motor insurer. For further details and for the full terms and conditions of cover click here.

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KBIS made what could have been a nightmare into a pleasurable ordeal

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