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How To Bring Your Horse Back In To Work: Advice From Racehorse Trainer Harry Whittington

Fitness is a key factor for successfully managing your horse or pony. Making sure their fitness levels match the activities you have in mind for them not only contributes to their performance but also reduces the likelihood of them suffering an injury too. We wanted to bring you some help on this topic – who […]

Let’s Talk About Towing Trailers: A Guide To The Change In Law

So, what has changed? The change in towing law on 16th December 2021 allows anyone with a standard car license to legally tow a trailer up to 3.5T Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM), without the need for them to have passed an additional test. Previously, a car license holder either had what was generally known as […]

Stay Safe, Stay Seen, Stay Hi-Vis: A Guide For Horse Riders This Winter

High visibility (or hi-vis) gear should be an essential part of any rider’s and horse owner’s kit – no matter the time of year. It enhances the visibility of both horse and rider on and off roads, including on bridleways and in fields, preventing potentially dangerous situations from occurring as you are seen sooner. In […]