KBIS Announce Sponsorship of The Horse-Events Hub

Leading Equestrian Insurance Company Sponsor The Horse Events Hub

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance announces this week that they will be adding the Horse Events Hub to their list of sponsored associations.

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance have long been one of the UK’s leading independent horse insurance specialists. The family-run business offers insurance at every level of equestrianism and has always shown support for equestrian events and associations.

The Horse Events Hub (HEHUB) is inclusive to all and the membership allows anyone to sign up, with or without a horse for just £20 per year.

The aim of the HEHUB is to bring the national eventing community together across all areas – including riders, horses, owners and organisers. Riders can gain more from their eventing experience with access to discounts and by WINNING entries, products & schooling vouchers.

Benefits include:

  • Fortnightly “Win an Entry Competition” to any event hosted on the Horse Events Website
  • Monthly and quarterly prize draws to win goodie bags & training vouchers
  • Discounts from our preferred suppliers
  • Access to rider profiles & the KBIS National Eventing League & KBIS National Arena Eventing League.

Each riding member can choose to have their profile of results made public for others to view or keep them private. The results from all the ODE’S & Arena Eventing competitions on the Horse Events website will earn points to be entered into the KBIS National Eventing League & KBIS National Arena Eventing League.

In 2021, the Leagues will run for the following categories:

  • 70, 80, 90 & 100cm
  • Under 16’s
  • Young Horse League (4 & 5 year olds)
  • Northern & Southern League

At the end of each league, the WINNER will be crowned the champion and the prestigious trophy will be presented.

“We are excited to be launch sponsors of The Horse Events Hub, it has always been part of our ethos to provide sponsorship at all levels of the sport with a special focus on grassroots. The Hub will give riders competing at unaffiliated events a chance to enter into a National League as well as being able to create a horse and rider profile, plus a host of other fun benefits from winning goody bags to training vouchers. We also feel that with the equestrian community being so unique it is a wonderful opportunity for like-minded amateur riders to engage and interact with one another on this new platform” said Emma Cover, KBIS Marketing Director.

“We are so excited to have partnered with KBIS for the launch of the Horse Events Hub. There is currently nothing like this on the market and we hope to bring all unaffiliated events across our platform together, allowing the eventing community to gain more from going eventing. We have lots of great prizes to be won throughout the year and very generously KBIS will be donating a “Win an Entry” every fortnight to one of our lucky members” said Fran Corkhill, Horse Events Hub, Founder.

Find out more and join the HEHUB here.