Horsebox FAQ’s


Am I covered to transport my friend’s horses?

You may transport other people’s horses as long a no money changes hands (other than a contribution to fuel/running costs), if you are wanting to be paid for transporting horses you will need cover for ‘Hire & Reward’, otherwise, you will be uninsured.

You can contact our horsebox team to increase your cover, likewise if you are using your horsebox in connection with your business.

My friend and I are traveling on a 5-hour round journey, she has offered to share the driving with me, is this OK?

You may allow other people to drive your horsebox provided they hold the correct licence for the vehicle and they are covered under your insurance policy, either with the driving restrictions allowing any driver over 25 years old or that person being named on the policy.

I have cover for any driver over 25 years old on my insurance, my friend has 3 points on her licence, will this affect the cover?

This will not affect the cover, as long as you have made us aware of their adverse driving history before they get behind the wheel. In certain situations, we may need to refer this information to our Underwriters and an additional premium may be added.

Under the insurance, you as the horsebox owner are responsible for checking the driver has the correct licence and advising us of any claims or convictions.

I have just bought a couple of youngsters, they have never travelled before. Can I purchase extra cover for damage to my lorry caused by the horses?

Damage to the horsebox caused by horses will already be included if you have a fully comprehensive policy.

I am staying at an event for 4 nights, I will be keeping my tack on board, is it covered under my horsebox insurance?

Under your horsebox insurance policy contents are not covered, if you wish to cover your tack it can be included on either a horse insurance or a property insurance policy, alternatively, a stand-alone policy just for the tack can be set up. We will advise you of the security precautions that must be taken to secure the tack before you take a policy out.

My daughter currently drives our 2 horse lorry on her car licence, she is going to start driving our HGV as well, who can sit with her in the cab while she is learning?

Before getting behind the wheel she must have a provisional HGV license. Anyone who sits with her while she is learning must have passed the relevant driving test or higher and must have held the licence for at least 3 years, if you can drive the lorry by ‘Grand Father Rights’ and have not passed the relevant test it is illegal to sit with a learner.

I am driving my horsebox to France, will it still be covered?

All UK vehicle insurance provides the minimum third-party cover to drive in other EU countries, should you desire the same level of cover you have in the UK then please contact us to organise a Green Card.

More information about travelling abroad can be found here.

If you have any questions about our horsebox insurance, please email them to

Did you know we also offer cover for Horsebox Breakdown? More information can be found here.

Please note that the above answers relate only to KBIS Horsebox Insurance policies, other insurance policies may differ. You should always read the T&C’s of any insurance policy carefully. 

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