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Horse Insurance

KBIS have provided Horse Insurance since 1984 and are now the largest independent equine insurance intermediary in the UK. Our horse insurance policies can be customised to suit your requirements allowing you to tailor your horse insurance quotes. Depending on your horse’s age and class of use you have the choice of up to ten different types of veterinary fee cover, which vary in excess and incident limits.

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The KBIS Competition scheme, our most popular type of policy, provides comprehensive cover including Permanent Loss of Use and Veterinary Fees up to £6,000 per incident whilst the KBIS Leisure scheme provides economic cover for customer's who have veteran horses or those who are looking for a cheaper policy.

The Leisure policy can provide cover for horses and ponies that are at rest or breeding, competing in pony club or riding club activities, showing, dressage up to elementary level, show jumping up to foxhunter level and eventing up to BE90. It can also include cover for hunting. Our Competition policy covers all of these activities but can also cover show jumping above foxhunter level, dressage above elementary, eventing up to advanced level and long distance riding.

For older horses the Leisure horse insurance policy offers full veterinary fee cover (for accident, sickness and disease) for horses up to 25 years of age as well as more limited cover (for accidental, external injuries only) for horses up to 30 years of age.

Both policies provide cover for death, theft and straying, vet fees, tack, trailers, personal accident and legal liability. Our Competition policy can also include cover for permanent loss of use.

We are able to insure horses from 90 days up to 30 years of age, with values up to £15,000. For values above this or for horses younger than 90 days, we can still provide cover but we will need to quote over the phone. For values of £20,000 and above you may want to view the cover available under our Sports Horse Insurance.

If you are looking to insure multiple horses, it may be possible to place these on one policy depending on their age and the coverage you are looking for. Find out more about multiple horse insurance here.

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KBIS now offer a new and unique product in the Horse Insurance Market - Catastrophe Cover (Scale B vet fees) offers lifesaving treatment at a lower cost.