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Freelance Insurance

KBIS Freelance policies offer comprehensive insurance cover whether you are working as a groom, rider, instructor or a combination of all three. They offer flexibility to ensure you have appropriate cover in place for your specific requirements, so you can be confident you are fully covered when working in your chosen profession.

The main cover benefits provided by our freelance policies are Public Liability and Care, Custody and Control. The public liability cover protects you against third party property damage and third party injury claims. The Care, Custody and Control covers you should a horse sustain an injury or die whilst in your care, and for which you are found liable.

To find out further details about a specific policy click on the links below.

KBIS Freelance Instructors Policy

KBIS Freelance Riders Policy

KBIS Freelance Grooms Policy

You may also want to consider taking out a separate stand-alone personal accident policy with us, you can find out more about this cover here - KBIS Personal Accident Insurance

Our freelance instructors policy includes cover whilst teaching at home or away.