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At KBIS we aim to offer horse insurance solutions for all budgets, which is why we created our leisure policy; to provide more affordable horse insurance cover options, whilst still providing a comprehensive level of cover.

Designed for horses who are either at grass, used for hacking, riding club activities or lower level competing, our leisure policy offers cover for mortality, plus optional vets fees, public liability, personal accident and tack and trailer insurance.

“Our new Catastrophe Cover is an affordable veterinary fee option that can be purchased as a standalone policy for just £300.”

The majority of the vet fee options on this policy are at the popular level of £3,000 per incident, with a range of excesses plus a co-insurance option. Though we also have more limited, cheaper, cover for accidental, external injuries only and our new catastrophe cover, which can also be purchased as a standalone policy.


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You can view the different vet fee options under our leisure scheme here – KBIS Leisure Vet Fee Insurance.

If you are looking for affordable cover for an older horse, then our leisure policy offers full veterinary fee cover (for accident, sickness, and disease) for horses up to 25 years of age and more limited cover (for accidental, external injuries only) for horses up to 30 years of age.

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