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Young Drivers

Young Drivers

At KBIS we are able to offer Horsebox Insurance for drivers Under 21 years old. Each quote is referred to our Underwriters ERS who look at them on an individual basis. 

It must be noted that all drivers must hold the relevant licence for the type of vehicle they wish to drive and that an additional young driver excess (of £300 for under 21’s) would apply. There are some situations where quotes will not be offered, this will be due to an individual's driving record.

KBIS horsebox insurance can cover all types of horsebox, from 3.5 tonne vehicles up to large HGV’s. You can choose between our most comprehensive horsebox insurance cover or opt for our cheaper vehicle insurance to cover third party, fire and theft.

Our dedicated team has over 30 years experience in the horsebox insurance market enabling them to discuss your specific needs and offer the appropriate policy for your circumstances. KBIS insurance policies can cover individuals using their horsebox for Social, Domestic and Pleasure use and/or Business Use including Hire and Reward.

Underwritten by ERS one of the leading motor insurers for more than 60 years, you can be sure that you are getting comprehensive cover at competitive rates with KBIS.

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