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Pony Club Insurance - FAQ

Pony Club Insurance - FAQ

 How much should I insure the club’s property for?

Equipment owned by the club should be insured for its current market value taking into account depreciation as in the event of a claim you will received the cost of a new placement less a deduction for wear, tear and depreciation.

It is not necessary to specify and list each item to be insured individually, but instead to state the total sum to be insured for owned equipment and the total sum to be insured for hired equipment. Therefore if additional equipment is purchased during the policy period you only need to notify KBIS if the total value at risk exceeds the current sum insured.

For hired equipment it is important to insure for the full cost of a new replacement as under this section of the policy cover is for ‘replacement as new.’ Before insuring any hired equipment first check that the insurance for the equipment is your responsibility. In some cases insurance cover may be included in the hire fee.

 Does the equipment need to be locked away?

If the policy covers caravans and/or trailers you will need to comply with the insurer's security requirements. This means that the items should be secured with a hitch lock and wheel clamp when not in use.

All other equipment should be kept in a secure place when not in use, such as a locked building, storage unit or suitable trailer.

KBIS understand that there are times when equipment (excluding caravans and trailers) has to be left unsecured overnight such as when you're preparing for an event.The policy will cover these items whilst left in the open but subject to an increased excess.

Our team will be able to advise you of the specific policy requirements if you have additional queries.

 Do I have to pay an excess?

You will have to pay an excess when claiming under the property section of the policy. The excess will vary depending on the property being claimed for and the security measures that were in place at the time of the loss. The least you will have to pay is £75 and the most is £125, for each and every loss. Further details relating to the excesses applicable are stated in the policy key facts and terms and conditions.

There is no excess to pay under the personal accident section of the policy, however if the claim is for cover under temporary total disablement then cover will be excluded for the first 7 or 14 days, depending on the policy taken out, of each and every disablement.

 Can you provide liability insurance for a Pony Club?

As a club branch to the Pony Club your liability insurance is provided through the Pony Club’s own liability policy which is why we do not provide a bespoke Pony Club liability policy.

Ensure your clubs property is protected against loss or damage, cover can be included for both hired and owned equipment.