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Personal Accident Insurance - FAQ

Personal Accident Insurance - FAQ

 I have personal accident cover on my horse policy, is this the same policy?

No, the cover provided on your horse insurance policy is specifically related to the horse named on the policy. That means you would only be covered if the accident occurred when you were riding or handling the insured horse.

A stand alone personal accident policy relates to the policyholder. This means you will be covered for riding/handling any horse for the level of activities to which you specified cover and to which is noted on your certificate of insurance.

In addition the KBIS stand alone personal accident policy provides 'all of life' cover so you are covered for much more than horse riding. The policy also includes cover for temporary total disablement, which pays a weekly benefits should the injury or illness prevent you from being able to carry out your normal occupation.

 How much will a personal accident policy cost?

The cost of the policy will depend on the level of cover you choose to take out and the riding activities you will be participating in but you could be looking at as little as £8/week.

 Does the policy only cover horse riding activities?

No the KBIS policy provides ‘all of life’ cover, this means you will be covered for an accident or illness which occurs outside of your horse riding activities.

There are noted exclusions on the policy, when cover is not provided, however these will be clearly stated on your policy terms and conditions.

 Will the policy cover me if I have an accident while abroad?

Yes the KBIS policy provides world wide cover 24/7! However, the policy does not include cover for repatriation (getting you home after an injury) or medical expenses.

 What cover is included under dental care?

Dental care will cover the cost of all necessary dental treatment, up to the limit of indemnity, following the loss of or damage to, your teeth as a result of an accident. Cover will include the provision or repair of Dentures, but it will not cover the cost of making good faulty workmanship or design of Dentures.

 What is temporary total disablement?

Temporarily total disablement (TTD) pays out a weekly benefit should an injury or illness leave you temporarily unable to carry out your normal occupation/business. TTD is the most claimed upon benefit on a personal accident policy and is essential cover to have in place, particulary so for anyone who is self employed and will therefore not receive any statutory sick pay.

The weekly benefit received under TTD cover, will help towards the running costs of your business while you are unable to work such as additional expenses you may incur, including having to take on temporary help.

 Do you have a policy for children?

Yes we offer a Junior cover option for children aged between 5 years up to their 16th Birthday. The junior policy does not include cover for temporary total disablement, which is reflected in the cost of the insurance.

 Do I have to take out a personal accident policy with an equine insurer?

There are lots of insurance companies which provide personal accident insurance but when approaching a non equine insurer make sure you are very clear about the horse riding activities you will be participating as not all insurers will provide adequate cover.