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Trailer Insurance - Cover Available

Trailer Insurance - Cover Available

We are able to provide cover for accidental damage and theft of the trailer for individuals who use their trailer for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only. If you require cover for business use then please contact our office and we will be able to provide a quotation under an alternative policy.

The policy will cover you within the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and while temporarily elsewhere in the world for up to 60 days in total during the period of insurance.

In the case of damage which can be repaired, the underwriters will cover the cost for the repair or replacement of any damage/item after the excess, up to but not exceeding the sum insured.

In the event of a total loss then you will receive the market value for the trailer at the time of loss after the deduction of the excess.

The excess on our trailer insurance policy is £100 each and every loss

The cost of your policy will depend upon the sum insured value of the trailer, however the minimum premium is £60 plus insurance premium tax.