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Horsebox Insurance FAQ

Horsebox Insurance FAQ

 What cover is available?

There are two different options available for horsebox Insurance:

1.Third Party, Fire and Theft

2. Fully Comprehensive

Third Party Fire and Theft is a cheaper but more limited policy that only covers you for third party damage or loss of the vehicle through fire and/or theft.

Fully comprehensive cover, the most common type of policy, includes cover for third party damage as well as insurance against accidental damage, malicious damage, vandalism and windscreen damage.

At KBIS both policy options cover you for foreign use, i.e. trips abroad.

 How many drivers can I have insured on my policy?

Most policies will provide cover for one or two named drivers as standard; this limit can be increased to ‘any driver ‘ but will increase your premium.

Anyone driving the horsebox under the age of 25 years would have to be a specific named driver on the policy.

 Are there any age restrictions on the insurance?

Most insurance companies stipulate that a driver must be 21 years or over in order to be covered by the insurance policy.

At KBIS we can provide cover for drivers under the age of 21 depending on the size and value of the vehicle, but they must have held their driving licence for a minimum of one year.

Having a young driver on a policy will increase the premium and you may find that you have an additional excess to pay if a young or inexperienced person was driving at the time of an incident.

 Can I travel horses other than my own in my lorry?

As long as you are not doing so for any form of ‘reward’, monetary or otherwise then you should be covered under a horsebox policy for social, domestic and pleasure use. The moment you start to transport other people’s horses in connection with your business or you are making a profit from doing so, then you would need to change your policy.

In this situation there are two types of ‘use’ that you will need to discuss with your insurer. Each insurer’s approach varies but these terms are nearly always referred to as ‘business use’ and ‘hire and reward’.

Business Use will provide cover if you are using the horsebox in connection with your own business. For example if you are a professional rider transporting owners horses to and from shows but aren’t receiving any type of reward for doing so from which you make a profit.

Hire and Reward is when you are viewed to be receiving a profitable reward for transporting other people’s horses i.e. you are charging a specific fee per mile.

 Can I get breakdown cover with my insurance?

Breakdown cover is normally offered under a separate policy; at KBIS we offer a very competitive breakdown policy that will provide you with both home and roadside service, recovery service and emergency travel and accommodation. To find out further information on the cover we can provide take a look at our Breakdown Insurance page.

 Can I take my lorry abroad?

A KBIS policy will automatically provide the minimum insurance needed by the relevant law to allow you to use your vehicle in any country that is a member of the European Union and any other countries which have made arrangements to meet the insurance conditions of the Commission of the European Union.

Additional cover can be provided to cover other countries and/or provide full policy cover for when you travel abroad but will incur an additional premium.

 What do I need to make my insurance company aware of?

When taking out a policy there are some key points that you should make the insurance company aware of. By providing your insurance company with all of the facts you will ensure that you are getting the appropriate cover and it may help to reduce your premium.

Average Mileage, you may be able to take out a cheaper limited mileage policy.
If you have a tracker fitted to your lorry as this may reduce your premium.
Whether the lorry has any living accommodation as this may alter the cover.
If you use the horsebox for any other uses other than transporting horses.
Any motoring convictions or accidents, non-disclosure may affect any claim.

 What do I do in the event of a claim?

It is vital to contact your insurance company in the event of a claim.

If you have a KBIS horsebox policy then you should contact the underwriters, ERS, directly via their 24-hour helpline, the contact numbers can be found on the Horsebox Claim Form page or on our contact page.