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Trailers and Horse Drawn Vehicles

Trailers and Horse Drawn Vehicles

 What is covered?

Under a horse policy with KBIS your trailer or horse drawn vehicle would be covered whilst immobilised and whilst being towed for any damage or physical loss up to the sum insured.

Such policies would not cover you for any legal liability to third parties, this should be covered under the insurance of the towing vehicle. It would also not include any general wear and tear or mechanical breakdown.

 Will my insurance cover me when I am towing the trailer?

Yes your insurance does provide cover should your trailer or horse drawn vehicle be damaged or destroyed whilst you are towing it, but it only covers the trailer and not the towing vehicle.

 Do I need to have my trailer/horse drawn vehicle in a secure building?

You do not need to have your trailer in a secure building but it will need to be immobilised when it is not in use. A wheel clamp and hitch lock would be the ideal but the exact terms will be stated in your policy terms and conditions.

 Will I be covered when travelling someone else’s horse in my vehicle?

As long as you are not receiving any form of payment for transporting the horse or transporting horses as a business you will normally be covered under your policy. If in doubt you should ask your insurance company.

 Can I lend my trailer to someone else?

If you let someone else use your trailer/horse drawn vehicle as a one off and do not receive any payment it would not affect your cover. However if someone is regularly using your trailer, using it for businesses purposes or is partly responsible for its security and maintenance then you should contact your insurance company as this may affect your cover.