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Saddlery and Tack

Saddlery and Tack

 What is covered?

Most insurance companies will insure you for loss or damage to saddles (including stirrup leather and irons) and bridles (including any martingales and harnesses). It is generally the equipment that is used on the insured horse whilst being used for the activities for which it is insured.

You will not be covered for general wear and tear or any damaged caused by, for example vermin. You will also not be covered for rugs, grooming kits, hats and other such items. Such limitations will be noted in the terms and conditions of your policy.

 How do I decide on how much to insure my tack for?

Generally most insurance companies will base the settlement on the actual value at the time of loss, therefore if when you take out your policy your saddle is new you should insure it for its full value. When your policy is up for renewal it may be worth decreasing the value depending on the current condition and market value of the saddle.

 What security is needed?

The security requirements will vary between insurance companies but with KBIS if your tack is being kept in a yard where there are more than 10 horses then an alarmed tack room would be required. In all other cases the tack must be kept in a secure building and the doors must be locked with a deadlock and any windows securely locked. If you are unable to meet the security requirements then it may be worth speaking to your insurance company as a compromise may be able to be reached.

Such conditions of your insurance policy will be stated in the policy terms and conditions.