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Event and Show Insurance - FAQ

Event and Show Insurance - FAQ

 What cover is available?

A KBIS event insurance policy provides six main sections under which cover can be purchased. These sections include:

Public Liability cover for yourself as an event organiser
Employers Liability for anyone who will be employed by you at the event
Personal Accident cover for volunteers and officials
Cash in Transit and/or while occupied at the private dwellings of the organiser.
All Risks which covers against damage to equipment such as show jumps, caravans as well as hired items, marquees and toilets and additional items such as trophies and cups.
Event cancellation that can include expenses incurred and loss of profit.

You do not have to take out all areas of cover and may stipulate under which sections you would like cover provided.

Employers Liability is required by law if you have employees and when taking out employers liability it is a stipulation to take out public liability as well.

 Do I need a specific policy for an affiliated event?

If you are running an event under an affiliated body you can still take out a general event insurance policy. You may find that there is some insurance cover automatically provided in your agreement with the affiliated body, for instance, Personal Accident and Public Liability.

It is important to check any association insurance cover you receive carefully to ensure that you have adequate insurance in place to meet your requirements. Cover for event cancellation and loss or damage to event equipment such as tents, trophies are unlikely to be covered.

 If I am running multiple shows do I need a separate policy for each one?

KBIS can provide a policy covering multiple shows run by the same organiser, for example, an unaffiliated dressage series with weekly competitions.

If you require additional cover such as event cancellation this will have to be taken out separately for each competition due to such varying factors in weather conditions at different times of the year, which underwriters will need to consider.

 Can I cover Volunteers helping at my event?

You can cover any voluntary helpers at your events against bodily injury under Employers Liability cover and also against Death, Loss of Limbs and Permanent Total Disablement under Personal Accident Cover. You may also take out cover for Temporary Total Disability under Personal Accident Cover, though this may be restricted if the volunteer is not in gainful employment.

 What does event cancellation insurance provide?

Event Cancellation provides indemnity up to the specified limit should the event be cancelled or postponed. You can choose to cover the event 'expenses only' or both the event 'expenses and profit'.

Event expenses should not include those expenses that are recoverable or not payable in the event of cancellation.

Profit cover is worked out on the difference between your income, entry fees, sponsorship and gate receipts less your expenses. It will take into consideration any monies that may be recoverable.

 Can I cover hired equipment?

You can take out cover for loss and/or damages to items such as marquees, toilets, jumps and caravans. The cost of hired equipment may include a fee for the insurance of the equipment so it is important to check this with the hire firm.

Items such a show jumps will not be covered for any damage whilst in use.

 How close to my event can I purchase my event insurance?

Event Cancellation and Abandonment policies must be purchased at least 30 days in advance of an event date. All policies are subject to underwriting referral and thus it is best to obtain quotes for your event as far in advance of the event date as possible.

Liability, Personal Accident and Material Damage policies can be purchased up until the day before your event begins. We recommend purchasing a policy as soon as possible rather than waiting for the commencement of the event as KBIS' policies cover the setup and organisation of events.