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Bloodstock Insurance - Veterinary Requirements

Bloodstock Insurance - Veterinary Requirements

There may be a number of documentary and/or veterinary requirements that you must satisfy at the beginning of your policy. These requests vary based on the market value of the horse and cover purchased.

The table below outlines the general requirements that you will need to satisfy, please note that underwriters may attach additional requirements to a policy depending on the coverage required and the risk presented.

Values up to £25,000

Completed proposal form and declaration of health to be signed by the trainer (horses not in training declaration to be signed by owner/carer)

Values £25,001 to £150,000

Completed proposal form and a minimum 2 stage vet certificate. If the horse is in training then in addition a declaration of health to be signed by the trainer.

Values over £150,000

Requirements will be stipulated upon quotation.

Foals 24 hours to 45 days

Completed proposal form, Underwriters vet certificate and IGG levels

Foals 46 to 90 days

Completed proposal form and mortality vet certificate.