Shy John’s Friday Diary!

John arriving at his new yard

We would like to introduce Shy John (stable name John) a 12 year old ex-racehorse who ran in point to points and over fences until the age of 11. He is now starting a new life being retrained as a riding horse and we will be following his journey! 

What is going on?

Tuesday 15th May 

No idea what’s going on? I’ve been out in the field bossing all my mates around for the last twelve months and suddenly they bring me back in and chuck me in a stable. Then this guy that used to work for my trainer turns up in a lorry and loads me up into it. Well, I was not having that, so I barged straight off again. Next time Lawrie (that’s the guy that used to ride me) and Pete (he and his wife Niff used to train me) pinned me in so I couldn’t get out, I knew I shouldn’t have loaded in the first place! 

After 2 hours of travelling (apparently we are now in Berkshire), we stopped and I was unloaded and put in a stable, I have never spent a night away from Manor Farm before (I was born and trained there)! Apparently, I won’t be going racing again, Lawrie said he is going to retrain me to be a riding horse – good luck with that! He said the plan is to go hunting and team chasing together,  I did some hunting when I was young and it was quite fun, I just hope Lawrie can remember how naughty I can be! Anyway, he’s just brought me a feed so I’m going to eat that then stare over the door at all the strangers for a bit and I guess I will see what happens tomorrow! 

Wednesday 16th May

This morning a lady called Sarah came and fed me and gave me hay. I spent all day in the stable which I thought would be boring but there were loads of horses and people and dogs passing me all day so lots to look at. Then Lawrie turned up and said he was going to “tidy me up”, I didn’t mind but got pretty bored after a while so tried to tell him by headbutting him, it didn’t work. I now have a shortish mane and a very short tail and look more like I used to when I was in training so I guess I quite like it.  

Afterwards, he turned me out in a new field. I thought this was mega exciting and accidentally trod on his foot – oops! It wasn’t really my fault though, there was a lot of scary buckets and wooden posts to walk past. My new field is pretty cool, there is a hill above it with a giant white horse on it! 

Thursday 17th May

This morning a lady called Caroline came and got me in, apparently she helps the lady that owns the yard. I thought it best to have a bit of a spook on the way back to my stable, you never know what could be behind a lump of mud or a tree.

The farrier came and gave me a shiny new set of shoes this afternoon, I haven’t had any of those for over a year so it felt a bit weird. Now I know I must be coming in to work soon!

Lawrie arrived in the evening and insisted on giving me a bath which I was very unhappy about. All this pampering is not my cup of tea! So I made my feelings clear by bashing him around, although annoyingly it didn’t stop him but it did make him shout so it did work a bit.

Now it is back to my field for my dinner, I made sure to give him a good bash on the way there too after all he has put me through!

Sunday 20th May

The day has come, I had a saddle and bridle put on, this really hasn’t happened in a while. Lawrie was looking rather nervous and decided that I needed to be put on the lunge first. I don’t know what all the fuss was about, it’s not like I haven’t had them on before. Finally he got on me and we went for wander down the road and back. If this is all I have to do for retraining count me in, plenty of food and no work is my idea of heaven! Lawrie tells me we are doing a whole month of walking round the roads but I am sure there will be plenty to look at to keep myself entertained.

This has been a bit of a rollercoaster week! I hope they aren’t all like this! 

You can keep up to date with what I’m doing on my instagram.

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