Shy John’s Friday Diary!

John sporting his new fly rug

Keep up to date with Shy John as he starts his journey from racehorse to riding horse. He has had a pretty quiet first month of walk work as he comes back in after 14 months off. See how he has kept himself entertained below!

A Month of Spooking (I mean walking)

Sunday 5th June

We are 2 weeks in to our month of walking round the roads, it is so boring I have been keeping Lawrie on his toes by throwing in loads of really good spooks at things he would never suspect. I lull him into a false sense of security by not flinching when cars come past way too fast or herds of people on bikes come past, then when he is least suspecting it I pretend to be absolutely terrified of parked cars or a road sign and throw myself into the middle of the road. He seems to be worried as he turned up with a new neckstrap today!

Sunday 17th June

Today was Lawrie’s birthday so I was really looking forward to giving him a really good scare when we went for our ride. Sadly though he just lunged me.He has started using this annoying pulley system that means I have to actually work the whole time (apparently it is called a Pessoa). Lawrie says it will make me use myself properly and help me build topline. No one asked me if I wanted to build my topline! I am quite happy with my body the way it is thanks.

He also brought a massive tub of rapeseed oil to go in my feed and make me shiny, it had better taste delicious, feed time is the best.

Friday 22nd June

Today we turned right out of the drive!!!

 I had never been this way and did NOT like the look of it so made my feelings very clear. We trotted up towards the hill with the big white horse on it (apparently called “White Horse Hill”, not very original if you ask me). There were cyclists (stationary) by the junction to the main road which was a great opportunity to have a little spook, then when we crossed the road it was super scary. There were rows of tents in the field on the left AND a hang glider landing in front of us. Lawrie forgets I have never seen anything like this before so it was very exciting but scary for me.

Wednesday 27th June

Lawrie turned up with a new rug and some kind of mask. I look like a right dork but he says it will keep the flies off, it had better work. Although I did see some of the other horses near me with similar outfits so maybe I’m actually on trend!

This month of walking has been so boring, hopefully now we are doing some trotting things will be more fun and I will have more to report in my next blog! 

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