Pippa’s September Blog – What A Month!

Pippa and Tilly Showjumping

We have been out competing and even went to watch the Burghley Horse Trials for a few days which was so much fun!

Running into September was the famous Burghley Horse Trials which I am lucky enough to go to every year! On the trot up day, I slept over in my friend’s caravan with a couple of other friends which was very enjoyable (but a late night!). On the morning of the dressage day was the Pony Club Team Show-jumping which our Pony Club was competing in but we weren’t riding because it is really competitive to get into at our Pony Club but we still went along and cheered for them. In the first round, everyone went double clear but in the second round we had some poles down meaning we ended in 5th place. Still a great result for the Fitz pony club. I’m hoping that one day I’ll make the team.

On the Thursday we also walked the cross country course with Simon Grieve who was competing. It was really interesting and we got up close to a lot of the jumps. And lastly we went on the Show-jumping day. I did buy a few things from Burghley such a hat silk to go with my cross- country colours and a brush for Tilly!

After going back to school on the 5th of September, I competed at a One Day Event at Swalcliffe in the 80cm. I didn’t get off to the greatest start with a very rushed 47.00 dressage score but got brought up the placings with a clear round showjumping. Unfortunately, I had a silly run out in the cross country at the second fence due to a lapse in my concentration as I tried to set my stop watch! However, we flew round the rest of the course in the optimum time which brought us up to 8th Place. Finishing on a score of 67.00 (eek!), we somehow qualified for the championships which are coming up in October as many people had faced some challenges because it was a BE course.

The following weekend, we represented our school in NSEA Showjumping competition. We competed as a team in the 80cm class which we all jumped round clear in quick times. With a team score ending on 0, we came 1st qualifying for the championships in October!

To our disappointment, our Pony Club cross country rally was cancelled due to rain (urgh!) but it soon dried up so my friends and I hired the course and went round ourselves and had a picnic afterwards! Tilly jumped brilliantly including a really substantial pheasant feeder which is in the one metre course. She earned herself a carrot and lots of polos at the end!

Just a few days ago, I put my Bursary to good use and had Event Training with Tricia Price, my favourite Instructor. We practised bounces, turns and a very, very skinny fence at the end! Tilly was really good and eager to jump!

As Tilly is for sale, we decided it would be a good idea to take her out hunting this season before she goes to a new home. We got up at the crack of dawn and went out for an hour before I had to rush off to the Open Day at our school to tour people round. It was so much fun but a shame that after only an hour I had to go! We’ll hopefully get out again soon.

To finish off the month, we went showjumping at Wittering competing in the 80cm and 90cm classes. Tilly being a star, flew over both courses gaining us two wins and two red rosettes! Mum says we were a bit greedy!

We’ve had lots of fun again this month. We are in the process of buying a new pony and selling Tilly so we are just enjoying our last few weeks together. Subject to vetting I think I’ll be saying goodbye to the most amazing pony very soon but at least I’ll know she’s gone to a really lovely home. Next month, we have the NSEA championship to go to at Keysoe – I’m really hoping we can keep Tilly until then. Good luck to anyone with upcoming competitions! 

Until next month,

Pippa x

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