Pippa’s January Blog – Jumping into the New Year!

Happy New Year! It seems like a long time ago since the start of 2019 but this month, Phyllis and I have been out competing and training again.
After coming back from our skiing holiday in Italy, with 22 friends from our pony club, there was only a short few days before school started again.
We started the month with an Arena Eventing competition at Aston Le Walls. We competed in the 90cm class and everyone looked about double my height! In the showjumping, we did a very speedy clear round. The course flowed straight into cross country by going through the water and into the next arena. In the cross country, we also went clear (and also very speedy but closest to the unknown optimum time!) to come first.

The following week, we were back at Aston Le Walls for training with Georgie Strang, which was kindly offered by KBIS. I had a brilliant lesson and learnt so much. I worked on different fences and doing different lines and courses. I focussed on keeping straight to fences and letting them come to me instead of rushing to them. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. 
The advice and teaching from Georgie was incredible and I remember it regularly. I jumped a range if fences, some more tricky than others and learnt how to approach them and how to ride them. I was so lucky for this opportunity and I can’t thank KBIS enough as it was an amazing experience. I’m hoping we might get some more lessons with Georgie using my bursary! 

After that lesson, a week later we competed at Forest Edge in Norfolk which was an NSEA county qualifier in the 95cm and my first 105cm classes. I went clear in both and did some quick turns. In the 95cm class, I came 4th and qualified for the plate championships and in the 105cm class I came 6th and also qualified for the plate championships. I was so pleased because I beat my older sister both times by a second! I was very proud of Phyllis and as we have made a lot of progress since the beginning. Also this was our first time competing at 100cm/105cm. 

Using the Bursary, I had my first dressage lesson on Phyllis. Although Phyllis had a lot of energy and the first 10 minutes of the lesson was spent cantering around to get rid of that, she went nicely and started to bend her head and body and have something resembling an outline. I will continue to have these lessons as often as possible so hopefully for the summer we will have a better dressage in One Day Events.
This month, we have been working hard for the events ahead and are looking forward to them. Good luck to everyone with upcoming competitions.
Until next month,
Pippa x
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