Meet Ellen!

Ellen riding

We caught up KBIS Freelance policyholder Ellen Beattie to find out more about her and what she does for a living working as a freelance groom, dog and house sitter! 


Why did you decide to become a freelance groom?
I’ve loved horses ever since I was plonked on a Shire at an Irish riding school at the age of two. I’ve previously worked in retail and hospitality, whilst riding on the side, however it was never enough! I decided to become a freelance Groom after securing a job at a stud yard- I loved the challenges, being outside, and it just suited me completely. 

What does a normal working day look like for you?

As a self-employed freelancer, no day is the same! I could be Housesitting for dogs and cats, or I can be out in a yard mucking out all day. I, of course, start the morning with a cup of tea so I feel a bit more awake whilst mucking out at 8am! 


What are the best bits of the job?

I absolutely adore meeting new animals and getting to know them. There is nothing better for me than being out and about, be it poo-picking or riding. 


What is your least favourite part of the job?

The one thing that is slightly tricky, is the flexibility of it and getting let down. It’s very on and off work, so some weeks I may have nothing to do, and others I have so much to do that I’d need to split myself in half to manage everything! 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

This may sound boring, but at the moment I’m happy doing exactly what I am now. I’m not aiming to be a top eventers Groom, so in 5 years time, I would just love to have a steadier clientele, working with families and their horses and pets to keep them ticking over. 


Why did you decide to insure your business with KBIS?

After searching around for insurance that covered everything I did, I finally found KBIS through The British Grooms Association. For a year or so I was paying for separate insurances, and it just wasn’t financially worth it. KBIS is affordable for me (even on a grooms wage!), and gives me peace of mind that if anything ever did happen, I would be completely covered. 

KBIS can offer insurance for freelance grooms, riders and instructors, find out more about the cover here.

The British Grooms Association offers a number of benefits for those working as a groom including personal accident insurance, why not check out what they could do for you? 

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