Life in an Equine Hospital – Part Three

Lucy Fletcher KBIS BGA Blogger

Read the latest from KBIS BGA Blogger Lucy Fletcher a trainee Vet Nurse!

A wet, windy weekend at work! Still, an ideal day to attend ‘Your Horse Live’ as I did yesterday managing to shop until I literally dropped!! Lovely to see our own Alan Davies’s trade stand there with all his fantastic products.

It’s now 2. 30 p.m on Saturday afternoon and I’m just grabbing a quick sandwich and moment to blog before I head back to the busy yard. I have two horses and a foal in to use the cold-water spa and treadmill this weekend and Emilie the vet is on hand to assist me with this.

It’s been a busy week in the clinic. A week for mixed emotions, happy clients who have had a horse pass a vetting, devastated ones who have had to have a loved four-legged friend put to sleep. As a nurse, we have to be able to deal with clients in a variety of situations, clearly, comforting clients who are making the decision to have their horse or pony put to sleep is the hardest. Some want to be there for the last breath and some don’t, you really do have to read the situation as to whether the client may want a hug and support during this awful process or whether they are hardy (clearly upset) but just want to show a firm exterior. We all get saddened by any equine that has to end its days no matter what the circumstances. I have learnt to be strong when an owner is falling apart at this which is important, it is part of the job but it’s one part that is never going to be easy. I think the worst is when an owner has an uninsured horse and they just simply cannot afford to pay for the horse’s treatment which in some cases can only mean the end of the road for their beloved equine. Personally, I find this upsetting because if it wasn’t for money, the horse would more than likely be okay.

We build up good relationships with our clients. We are a private clinic which I like because we have far better relationships with the clients than a corporate clinic, it allows us to go the extra mile for them and it’s the little things that make all the difference, for example, if the client is worried about their horse and needs to call the vet, they have a direct line to us, not an automated system or a call centre. We allow clients in the clinic to watch their horse or pony have its rehab treatments. Some clients like to think of us more as friends because we can offer that personal, caring, nothing is too much trouble service.

The sun is starting to come out! I must head back to the yard. I can’t believe my next blog will be in December!!!

I’m going to take this opportunity to thank BGA and KBIS for offering me the role of vet nursing ambassador. I feel truly honoured to be taking on this position as the association is something I feel very passionate about. I’m extremely excited about getting involved.

Until next time, happy riding and love to all your equines.

Lucy x

Lucy is a member of the British Grooms Association, the professional body for people who work with horses, they offer a wide range of benefits to their members and you can find out more about the association here.

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