KBIS Announce New Rider!

Victoria and her horse Pat

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance announces this week that they will be adding Victoria Brant AKA Wimpy Eventer to their team of supported riders.

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance has always shown support to hardworking equestrian athletes across different disciplines, and today they announce that Lincolnshire based Victoria Brant will be the newest addition to the team.

Victoria, well-known for her “Diary of A Wimpy Eventer” an entertaining insight into the trials and tribulations of the amateur eventing world will be joining current KBIS riders Georgie Strang, Charlotte Cundall, Jayne Ross and Will and Oli Fletcher.

Victoria has placed her horse insurance with KBIS since 2008 and on taking on the role said “having used KBIS for the last 10 years of owning horses, I am absolutely delighted to have their support. The cover to cost ratio is truly second to none and I am ever surprised at, despite the number of horses they have covered, how valued I have always felt as a policyholder. I am so excited to work with Emma and the lovely team at KBIS to bring you some great content in 2019!”

 “We are excited to be working with Victoria, she brings a new and unique feel to the growing team of KBIS riders and we are looking forward to following her journey” said Emma Cover, KBIS Marketing Manager.

Find out more about Victoria here.

KBIS are one of the largest independent horse insurance providers, offering all types of insurance for the equestrian. Our insurance products include horsebox and trailer, breakdown, personal accident, liability, property and horse – including a wide variety of veterinary fee options. You can get a horse insurance quote online or call 0345 230 2323. 

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