Alexia’s October Blog – A Busy Half Term!

Alexia KBIS NSEA Bursary winner

I’ve had a jam-packed October filled with lots of training and competitions. A two-week half-term has been a treat, as I’ve been to the NSEA Championships, Pony Club showjumping and dressage and attempted to pass my Pony Club ‘B’ test!

The first two weeks of October were occupied with dressage training, with the aim of ensuring Felix is working into/committing to a contact, and hacking to allow us to chill out after a very busy eventing season.

Half-term holiday couldn’t have come around sooner, and as soon as I finished on Friday afternoon, I headed up to the NSEA Championships. I was filling in as a team member in the 85 JWS, competing in the 105 Team SJ and the Team dressage where I did the novice test. I had so much fun jumping around the JWS course with all the tricky lines and turns. Felix and I did a flying clear round inside the time, with super style, to finish on a score of 5- it was a shame that we weren’t individuals because we would have been 2nd (videod below)! After a chilly night in the lorry, Felix performed well the next day to do a consistent dressage test for 67% and a lovely, rhythmic SJ round to just have one down. I had so much fun at the Championships and met lots of people from other schools too.

A focus of mine, especially after the event season came to a close, was to pass my Pony Club ‘B’ test. I had been training all summer, and passing was one of my goals for this year, so after the NSEA Championships, I revised hard over the 2 days following, in preparation for my test on 24th October. When the day came my nerves had rocketed sky high, and I was feeling very apprehensive about it after all my hard work. But I needn’t worry because I tried hard, and my effort was rewarded with a red certificate and Pony Club felt- I PASSED!!

With my new red felt pinned firmly onto my competition jacket, I headed to Brook Farm for my Pony Club’s annual SJ show! Felix jumped very well and finished 8th in the 90 and won the 1m class. After practicing our showjumping we decided to put our dressage (or as Felix knows it ‘stressage’) shoes on and compete in the Pony Club Dengie dressage qualifiers at Harold’s Park Farm. Felix was unusually relaxed and did two very smart tests to score 74.5% and 73.7% and WIN both our classes and qualify for the Dengie Winter League second rounds!

We are heading into the winter season, and are starting to wind down a little, with the aim of ensuring we are doing as well as possible before next season. In November I’m competing for my school in the NSEA Eventer Challenge qualifiers and enjoying long hacks while the ground isn’t too wet. Of course, I’ll be continuing with showjumping and dressage lessons too!

Until the next time,

Lexi x

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