Alexia’s November Blog : Winter is here!

Felix - Alexia's pony

This month has been much quieter, and we’ve started winding down for the winter as the evenings get dark. The weather has got colder, my grey pony has only got dirtier – *sighs as I think of all the cleaning*, and our winter coats and hats are out!

On the 11th of November, we headed off to The Jays for NSEA arena eventing. Felix did a fab clear in the 95cm for individual 2nd to qualify for Hickstead Championships, and a team 3rd.  In the 105cm, the course was the same, and Felix being super cocky decided he knew where he was going and revved up! We came away with just a pole at the first fence but our super whizzy time secured us individual 4th. I was really pleased as he jumped so well and was on springs- although a little more control would have been useful!

2 weeks later, we drove to Forest Edge arena for NSEA SJ and did the 90 and 1m. It wasn’t our best show and we had 2 poles down in the 90 due to a lack of concentration from Felix. But, we picked ourselves up for the 1m and jumped a much better round, to have a really unlucky pole and finish 3rd as a team. It was lovely to meet Pippa, the U14 Bursary winner as well. We both agreed how lucky we were to have the support from KBIS this year. 

We have also been practising our dressage and showjumping in lessons and training sessions. I have been lucky enough to have a few lessons with dressage coach Paul Friday to help me with ensuring there is more commitment to  the contact and a connection between Felix and I. I have also started learning some new dressage moves which is very exciting, such as travers and half-pass- I’ve got plenty to work on!. We have had a SJ lesson with Sue, one of my trainers, and Felix was superb, concentrating hard, which I need to emulate in a competitive environment.

After the end of the season, I thought I’d review some goals I set for myself at the beginning of the season.

 Number 1: Qualify for the NSEA Championships- tick! I qualified in the 105cm SJ and Team Novice dressage.

Number 2: Qualify for the Pony Club Championships – tick! I qualified in team SJ and went double clear at the Championships.

And Number 3: get a double clear at BE100- tick! Perhaps for me one of my most challenging goals but at the last event of the season at Ely we did it, and went double clear.

So overall, a really successful season, and most importantly I’ve had so much fun. I think it’s important to recognise achievement and look for the positives because I think lots of us get caught up in the negatives and solely results.

Over December, I’m looking forward to a BE clinic, more training and of course Christmas!

Until the next time and Merry Christmas,

Lexi x

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