Alexia’s Final Blog

Alexia and her Pony Club Team

Well, very sadly this is my final blog for KBIS. The past year has been so amazing for me with the support of KBIS and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunities they have given me.

Firstly, April was a fantastic month! We started off at the Pony Club Winter Championships doing the Quiz final and the Intermediate dressage. In the Quiz, our team tackled many rounds of difficult questions (some more difficult than other – Scotland round!!) but we managed to finish a very respectable 8th out of all quiz teams in GB- well done girls! The previous day, I competed in the Intermediate dressage. Felix was super and finished in 9th in my section, just shy of 68%. After our success at the Winter Championships, we headed off the Gt.Witchingham for a fun-filled 2 days at Pony Club eventing camp. Felix was on top form and I learnt lots,  to brush up on our skills. We attended the Talent Pathway selection Day in April too, at Attington Stud where Felix was fabulous and I got some very kind feedback for my riding too. Finally, after a few dressage lessons in between all of that, we competed at Horse Heath in the BE100open. I was so pleased to finish 8th with our 31 dressage, rider error pole SJ and storming clear XC- Our best round yet!

May has also been brilliant so far with Felix and I working even harder on our dressage to try and break the sub 30 barrier at BE. We competed in our first ever BD competition and to my surprise we were 2nd and 1st in our tests and won the Bronze league in both classes. I have to say, the dressage is really starting to grow on me!

After watching back my entry video for the Bursary, I have reviewed my aims I set myself before I won the Bursary. Now, a year older, and at the end of the Bursary, I can say that I have achieved loads.

Goal 1: to qualify for as many classes as possible at the NSEA Championships. ✅ At the Championships last year I competed in 3 classes; the 85cm jws, 105cm SJ and the Novice dressage.

Goal 2: to work towards a double clear at BE100. ✅ We got our first double clear at BE100 at Little Downham 100u18 at the end of last year.

Goal 3: qualify for the Pony Club Championships in SJ or Eventing ✅ I qualified in SJ and almost in eventing, and at the Championships, I went double clear.

It is not only my aims that I have achieved but so so much more. I seem to have developed a new love for dressage- something that the anti-dressage me wouldn’t have been saying this time last year! I have used the majority of my Bursary money on having dressage lessons which Paul Friday and Amanda Malins, which has helped me get so much further than I thought possible. I still have a long way to go, but I’m aiming to crack the sub 30 barrier in BE this year and try an Elementary test at some point. My confidence has also skyrocketed! By having the support of such a well-known company like KBIS, I have gained more confidence knowing that there are always people behind me. My mindset has changed. Before, I sometimes was a little negative and focused on problems that were out of my control, but now, I am so positive and motivated to work harder, to achieve and succeed. Writing the blog has been a great way to review my progress and realise achievements. I have experienced what can be achieved with regular and consistent training, which of course would not have been possible without the Bursary.

Felix and I have LOVED to wear all the gear (with hopefully some idea!) and it has been an honour to have the KBIS logo embellished across our kit. It feels so special to feel like a sponsored rider and has given me a fabulous insight into what I need to do in order to give back to a brand that supports me.

As I have completed my previous aims, I thought I ought to set myself new goals. They include:

–          Break the sub 30 dressage barrier at an event.

–          Complete a BE Novice (cue very nervous mum!)

–          Improve my riding versatility to try and get a good tune out of every horse I ride.

The KBIS NSEA Bursary has been a truly priceless experience and I wish all the luck in the world to the entrants of the 2019 KBIS Bursary. Thank you to the incredible KBIS team for your invaluable support in the past year.


For the final time,

Lexi x

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