Alexia’s August Blog: The Pony Club Champs!

Alexia at the PC Champs

August has been a slightly quieter month, where Felix and I completed one of my aims- competing at the Pony Club Championships.

After a lovely family holiday in the Alps, I returned to the UK feeling refreshed and ready to prepare for the rest of the eventing season. I was lucky enough to make the trip up to Yorkshire with some very kind friends to watch the Pony European eventing championships. I had a brilliant few days out, and enjoyed watching the top class ponies jump round such a tough track.  The preparation which went into ensuring these ponies were on the top of their game was immense, so I drew on this, and decided to incorporate some of this key preparation into my competitions!

After a fun trip, I turned my focus to the Pony Club Championships, where we were competing in the team novice SJ. In preparation I had a fab jumping lesson, where we worked on keeping the impulsion in the canter, which enabled me to see a better stride to a fence. We packed the lorry and began the 5 hour drive to Cheshire. All of EHN Pony Club met at some nearby services and drove the rest of the way up in convoy. When we arrived I unloaded Felix and went for a hack to give him a loosen up after the long journey. After a good night sleep on Thursday night, I was to be competing on the Friday. We woke up feeling excited and ready to tackle the competition. I was jumping in the afternoon, so watched our dressage team compete in the morning, who did really well. I walked the first round course, and was confident, as although there were some lines which needed good riding, the fences were not too big. Felix did a super clear, and the team headed into round two on 4 faults. The second round was in the main arena, and there was a big atmosphere in there and the course was tough. Once again Felix and I pulled it out the bag and went clear. The other team member did very well, even if some didn’t pull off the result they were hoping for, which led the team to finish on 16 faults and finish about 25th out of about 50 teams. After a successful day on the Friday, we stayed for two more nights to support other EHN Pony Club members, and soak up the atmosphere.

Felix and I have been making the most of the summer holidays with lots of hacking and fun sessions at home. Throughout August I have also been doing lots of B test training, especially focusing on the care side of the test. Although I have already done some training, I have lots more training sessions to come soon. I also am looking forward to a busy September where we are doing NSEA jumping with style, the Pony Club 100cm Blenheim eventer challenge, and Little Downham BE100u18.

Until the next time…

Lexi x

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