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#twentytwenty from Charlotte Cundall

We’re all the same, we suddenly have an onset of New Year, new me. How many of us have set resolutions which we have probably already broken – go on admit it, there will be at least one thing you said you weren’t going to do that you may have accidently been forced into, like perhaps eating that last chocolate in the box left over from Christmas!

As well as being the time of year for extra time in the gym and less calories being eaten it is also the time for new goals to be set! No matter how big or small your goals may be for the forthcoming season, now is the time to write them down. A goal needs to be written down; it doesn’t necessarily have to be shared with every single one of your friends on social media but you must write it down. Have a think when you read the quote below…

‘A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true’

I have my dream, it has a date, so I have a goal to work towards. I have broken down my goal into steps which means I now have a plan….

So… new diaries have been bought and calendars have been filled in so here we go for 2020!

The horses have had an easier winter, we have a long season ahead and they were very busy boys last year so they both deserved a nice winter break to be horses and relax a little. Lots of time rolling in the mud and easy rides in the gales and rain, (less fun!)

When I look back on 2019 it really was pretty special; the boys tried their hearts out for me and gave me some amazing memories to always cherish, some highlights for me would be:

  • Reaching an FEI World Ranking high of 5th in the world in my grade
  • Being part of winning Nations Cup team at Blue Hors, Denmark
  • International PB of 75%+
  • Being Advanced Medium Champion and Inter 1 Reserve Champion at the Area Festival National Championships.

With able bodied regionals and para Winter Nationals fast approaching the new season will very soon be here and we will be all systems go. Training, both on and off horse is in full swing. One of my goals this season is to pay more attention to my fitness. I have made myself a makeshift ‘gym’ at home with some basic equipment and some matting on the floor to do my exercises, so there are no excuses now. Being sat in an office for a lot of time means that I need to work on my fitness, I don’t want to be the weak cog in the wheel and let my wonderful horses down. Setting up the ‘gym’ at home will really help as time is very precious with work and riding so it now means I can fit it in when it suits me, which is usually 9:30 at night, but that is better than not at all.  It doesn’t need to break the bank either…a cross trainer from Facebook Marketplace £20, dumbbells from Lidl, 2 for £10, gym ball from amazon for £7.99 and finally by favourite purchase…head to Halfords and get some interlocking matting for £10! So that’s a total of £47.99 for the whole lot…not much more than one month’s gym membership!

Here’s something to think about to, for all your memberships and insurance policies, why not make a spreadsheet of all your renewals and put them in date order somewhere obvious so you can keep track of them all? It’s also the perfect time to review the insurance you have in place and make sure it covers you exactly when you need it. At this time of year, I wouldn’t be without my KBIS breakdown cover as the season starts. Did you know a standard breakdown policy wouldn’t arrange transport for your horses if you breakdown with them on board? You can take out cover and find all you need to know here: 

So get those goals written down and we’ll catch up soon

Charlotte x

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