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NSEA Jenna's January Blog - Full of Firsts

Happy New Year! January has been filled with hunting, missing a show, lessons, a couple of wins and a prize giving party! Overall it has been a wet, muddy but very enjoyable month.

To kick off this month I went hunting on a pony called George who is amazing at hunting and has been hunting for four years! He belongs to Aggie De Lotbiniere and he is a 14.1hh bay connemara. The day before the hunt, I had a little ride on him and he is just so nice to ride. When we went hunting, he was such a good boy. He did his job and I just let him get on with it. There were a few ditches and one of them was absolutely huge and he bunny hopped it! It was so much fun riding him. Aggie has said I can take him to the Side Saddle Festival in Aintree in May to do the parade and classes on him at the event!

Later that week, there was another hunt going on and I was allowed to ride George again. It went on all day and that was because the hounds split into two packs. We had such a lovely day and didn't get back until late. After we had finished with the ponies, we went to put the trailer back at 5pm. Later that evening at 7pm, I got a text from Aggie saying that their trailer had been stolen. This highlights the importance of having your trailer insured, luckily their's was but it caused a lot of grief and upset.

Moving onwards and upwards, on the 5th I rode Snip who is Mary's dressage horse. We went out for a lovely hack with one of my best friends Florence Mattock riding Magic. Snip was a very good boy as usual and so was Magic.

There was another hunt happening on the 12th we decided to take George to this one and this time, my mum drove us there since Aggie’s trailer had been stolen. This hunt was full of jumping and it wasn't as long as the other one but it was more exciting as there was lots of jumps. It was very similar to team chasing! George was amazing once again and jumped everything I asked him to. We even managed to catch a loose horse after his rider had fallen off. 

On the 18th I had a lesson with Clare Pettit where we practiced getting Stitch to balance himself round the corners and lengthen his strides to be able to make up horse stride in doubles. Stitch was on springs and was amazing as always. 

I was planning to take Tess and Stitch arena eventing on the 18th to Forest Edge, but we (mum) got muddled up thinking that the 18th was on a Sunday so we went to check the timetable on Saturday (the actual day of the show) and found out that we had missed it! Luckily there was a showjumping competition at the Jays. I rode the 80cm on Tess and won that class then I rode the 90cm class on Stitch which we also won. Everything happens for a reason! That was my first ever win on Stitch!

On the 25th there was a pony club prize giving party that I went to with some of my best friends Rebakah Nicholson and Florence Mattock. I was given an award for competing in a Pony Club Championships which was for the PC Endurance Championships and I was also given an award for trying new things.

The next day I went to the Nar Valley hunt on Tess with Faith and Tara this time and she was absolutely amazing! The jumps were absolutely huge but she still jumped them all. We managed to find the runners and they were given another head start half way round.

A very busy February approaches... I have George coming to stay for 3 weeks while Aggie is on holiday!!! 

Until then, take care,


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