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Motor Insurance - Where Do You Stand?

As current travel restrictions look set to remain in place for several more weeks, we wanted to provide some clarity to customers on motor insurance during this period.

Firstly, and importantly, you will be covered if you need to use your horsebox during the period of lockdown. Regardless of the reason for travel, it is not classified as a Road Traffic Offence, so your insurance would be valid. We do however strongly advise, that in line with Government guidelines, you only use your horsebox in case of emergency; for example, if you need to transport your horse for veterinary attention following the advice from your vet. All other circumstances should be avoided.

To offer horsebox owners a more affordable insurance solution during the lockdown period, we are able to provide policyholders with the option of reducing cover to Third Party Fire and Theft. This is offered at 50% of the fully comprehensive premium and is available to both new and existing customers whilst the present restrictions remain. This will offer a significant saving, but once restrictions are lifted, we would encourage you to increase cover back to fully comprehensive insurance. You can find the differences in the cover detailed fully here.

If you decide to SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) your horsebox, then legally there is no requirement to have insurance in place. However, you would be unable to use your vehicle on the road under any circumstances, even for an emergency. In addition, if the vehicle was stolen or suffered fire damage, without insurance you wouldn’t be able to claim. We would therefore recommend careful consideration before declaring your vehicle SORN.

Our breakdown policies, for both horseboxes and trailers, are also still valid, with the service operating as normal as possible during this period; although delays may be unavoidable due to staffing levels. Remember as well, that with KBIS, your towing vehicle is covered even when you are not towing a trailer. So, should you breakdown whilst travelling to or from caring for your horse, or when fetching food supplies, you can utilise the cover. As is standard protocol, our breakdown policies are non-refundable, unless they are cancelled within 14 days of the start date of the policy.

Please note the advice provided in this article is based on KBIS’ policies and underwriting, you should check with your own insurance provider for their position on travelling during lockdown. Information within this article is based on government guidelines as of the 2nd April 2020. You can keep up to date with the latest government advice here