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Lockdown Q&A with NSEA Bursary Winner Jenna

Lockdown Q&A with NSEA Bursary Winner Jenna | KBIS horse insurance
Lockdown Q&A with NSEA Bursary Winner Jenna | KBIS horse insurance
Lockdown Q&A with NSEA Bursary Winner Jenna | KBIS horse insurance
Lockdown Q&A with NSEA Bursary Winner Jenna | KBIS horse insurance

What made you get into horses?

My mum had a horse called Raj and I fell in love with horses and rode him and really enjoyed it so mum got me my pony sparkle for my Christmas present!

What is your first riding memory?

I think the first one I actually remember is either riding a pony called Gracie who I had my first lesson on when I was 3 or 4 or when I would ride Raj around the field back in Essex.

Who has been your biggest equestrian role model?

My mum because she works so hard and she was the one who taught me to ride. She is always right and when I'm in a muddle still helps me now to sort it out.

What has been your most special riding moment so far?

Well, I am lucky enough to have had a few but one of the best ones was when I rode round my first ever cross country course competition which was Gosling Cup on Blue. The feeling I got at the end was amazing - I just wanted to do it again and again.

What has been your funniest moment in riding far?

I think it was when I was on the beach with Tess, my mum, my best friend Faith and her mum. I had my wetsuit on and I took my saddle off to go in the water bareback with Tess. We then went out a bit deeper than either of us expected so Tess started swimming and then was trying to jump the water so I fell off! After I dried off and we had a canter. Tess jumped down because there was a change in height of the ground and I wasn't prepared so I fell off into the water again but this time I had my dry fluffy jumper on!

Who is your favourite person to train with?

My side saddle instructor Amelia Bevan because she is really nice and teaches me really well. She rides amazingly as well.

Who could you not be without when it comes to managing your horses/ponies?

My mum definitely.

If you could own one horse from past or present, who would it be?

I love all of them equally but I would have to say Foxy, I had to say goodbye because I was too big.

What are your aims for the future (post-lockdown)?

I'd like to do some BE on Stitch, maybe up to 100cm and to progress with my side saddle.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

By the time I'm 23, hopefully, I will have a job and be competing in higher level eventing.

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