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Getting Ready For Eventing with Jesse & Georgie

Getting ready for eventing with Jesse & Georgie
Getting ready for eventing with Jesse & Georgie

Before the resumption of eventing, we caught up with KBIS and 5* Event Riders Jesse Campbell & Georgie Strang to share their advice for bringing horses back into work post-lockdown: 

1. Re-evaluate your goals for the season and work backwards.

2. Everyone has done different things over lockdown so build your work back up gradually and don’t feel pressured by what others may or may not be doing.

3. Base fitness is the most important part of the fitness process. Before any advanced dressage work, jumping or galloping it’s important to have a base of fitness which is developed mainly with hacking and also light flatwork sessions.

4. Condition the legs. If it is available to you, use a variety of surfaces in the horse's work. Hacking on the road, grass, woods, beach and muddy tracks are all great ways of strengthening the horse's and helping them adapt to different surfaces and terrain they might experience once you are out schooling or at a competition again.

5. Venues are open for hire now so make the most of this time to get them out and about.

6. Organise some lessons and training. Use this time wisely, there's no rush to be back out.

7. Use the time to explore some new hacking routes or take the horses to the beach. Both are excellent for their fitness and also our mental health during this difficult time.

8. Always remember to do a proper warm-up and cool-down before/after fast work.

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